Outsider Kid - Musetta Present

Born in the sunny state of California, this kid was once just a regular and active child. Until one day, her life was turned upside down when her skin started burning in the sun. She was discovered to have one of the most unusual allergies of all; an allergy to the sun.

Yet, after an encounter with someone who’s was the exact opposite of her, this kid managed to make the biggest comeback in history. From shedding her entire skin at the sight of the sun to having a complexion that can outshine any beauty model, she is able to discover the key to bypass the sun.

The Connection Between Sun and Skin

Figure: UV Light Supplying Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for maintaining the strength of our bones and structure, and although there exists food that provides such nutrients, the sun is our main source for it. By exposing ourselves in the sun, our skin’s 7-dehydrocholesteral reacts to it and slowly turn it into vitamin D for our body. It also makes sure our body’s inner clock and sleep schedules are consistence with the time.

Figure: Heatwave Reflecting Off the Skin

However, despite all the benefits of us living under the sun, there exists a glaring issue with overexposure. At the end of the day, the sun is still transmitting heatwaves that can dry up and even burn our skin depending on the region; more will be discussed in the next section.

The Damage Caused by The Sun

Figure: UV Light Piercing into The Skin

The sun comes with ultraviolet ray that can cause major damage to the skin overtime, which would lead to reduction of elasticity and premature aging. This particular ray travels deep into the skin on a molecular level and disrupts the DNA structure the skin.

Figure: Epidermis Protecting The Inner Layer of Skin

Normally, the epidermis of our skin can shield most of the rays and regenerate faster than the sun can damage, but if left unattended, this will eventually take a toll on its defenses. The longer our skin is exposed to the sun, the deeper the damage would spread.

Cost of Overexposure

Figure: Diagram of Wrinkle

Wrinkle Formation – When UV ray reaches the middle layer of our skin (dermis), this can greatly damage the collagen that gives the skin its elasticity and strength. The skin will not be able to maintain its shape and thus causing wrinkles and premature aging.

Figure: Sunburnt Skin

Sun Burns – Overexposure to the heat would also burn off the epidermis, causing pain and inflammation that can last for days; in some cases, it doesn’t fully heal.

Figure: The Effects of UV Rays Overexposure

Sun Sensitivity – With some people, the sun can be even more damaging if they were born with skin sensitive to UV ray. This can be caused by various circumstances such as genetics, medication, chemicals and so on.

Figure: Skin Cancer

Cancer Development – Due to the DNA altering properties of the UV ray, the sun can also cause skin cancer to develop after a long period of exposure. If enough DNA damage builds up over time, this can lead to cells growing out of control, resulting in the formation of tumors.

Fixing The Issue

Figure: Diagram of Chamomile

Fortunately, all of this can be avoided and remedied using nature’s powerful beauty agent: Chamomile. This plant contains the exact elements needed to combat the sun’s harmful rays, with one of the main components being terpenoid.


Figure: Inflamed Skin Getting Treated

With its anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic elements, terpenoid helps ease irritation on the skin as well as killing off unwanted germs. It can smooth out acnes, scars and redness wherever it’s applied on; It even contains pain-relieving properties to aid in sunburns.


Figure: Polyphenol Anti-inflammation Property

Chamomile also consists of polyphenol, which is an intense anti-oxidant agent that aids in giving the skin anti-aging properties. This is made possible due to the chemical encouraging cell regeneration, anti-inflammation and wrinkle reduction. After applying on the surface of the skin, it provides a literal layer of protection against free radicals and other environmental factors such as harmful UV rays.


Figure: Antimicrobial Layer of Defense

Chamomile even provide wound healing properties that further encourages cell regeneration that some modern medicines can’t even replicate. Using anti-microbial elements, the oil allows for anti-septic properties that deters bacterial infections and viruses alike from ever entering through the skin.

Moisturizing Agent

Figure: Moisturizing Effect on Skin

The consistency of the oil itself can also be used as a moisturizing agent that prevents your skin from ever feeling dry. This prevents scaley skin and cracks from forming under the heat of the sun.

10 Days Beauty Recovery Journey

Mary was once regarded as the next beauty model of the family, with smooth and bright skin, she was the talk of her class. That was the case until one day, she was caught in a house fire that scorched her entire skin, making her be riddled with scars and wrinkles. All of this at the young age of 16. Luckily for her, the beauty dream of becoming a superstar is never lost with the help of Lozaro™.

This is their personal growth and recovery using Lozaro™.

Day 3

For a first few days of using Lozaro™, her skin had never felt so moisturized and protected. It’s like wearing an elegant and thin coat of water everywhere she went. She no longer felt the need to wear layers upon layers of skin protector just to do her daily tasks.

Day 7

After a week of applying Lozaro™ every morning, her scars were finally fading away and her skin irritation disappeared completely. The people around her was surprised at how speedy her recovery was.

Day 10

Within just 10 days of Lozaro™, all of Mary’s scars and injuries disappeared without a trace. The once beautiful girl is now shining brighter than ever before, with the help of Lozaro™ to guide her into her beauty dream. Her skin would never be seen with acne, scars or wrinkles whenever she applied Lozaro™.