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Frozen In Time: 5-Time Champion Gran Defies
Age And Cold Under The Ice!

Thursday, 17th February 2022 | Yvette Patton, Editor-in-Chief

Watch as this grandma breaks records at the World Winter Swimming Championship!

Swimming double the distance when the rest are in their first lap, 5-time gold medal champ Alina Volkova emerged victorious once again after beating athletes almost half a century younger and braving icy waters of -20°F (-29°C)!

But that’s not the only reason that she went viral after clinching the top prize, as no one could believe that she’s actually 68!

A post-win interviewer asked how she defeated athletes in their prime at her age.

A Stunning Achievement

“I’ve been ice swimming for the last 30 years.”

“Every day in winter, you can find me plunging into freezing waters.”

“Ice swimming can be very difficult to get used to at first, but now, I enjoy it and I’ve become as strong as people half my age!”

– Alina Volkova

Alina’s incredible story gained the attention of Dr. Cynthia Jarvis, a top board-certified dermatologist with over 25 years of experience not just because of her record-breaking achievements, but Dr. Cynthia also wondered how Alina could look so youthful at her age.

Dr. Cynthia decided to travel to Alina’s hometown to visit her.

“I’ve landed in the coldest place on earth: Oymyakon, Siberia.”

“But the cold isn’t the only shocking thing here: all of the residents look to be in their 20s and 30s – even the senior citizens!”

– Dr. Cynthia Jarvis

Fountain Of Youth

When Dr. Cynthia met Alina, she was amazed by her youthful look and asked how she maintained it. In answer, Alina brought Dr. Cynthia to observe the residents ice swimming.

“My hometown is better known as the Winter Longevity Village, thanks to Lake Oymyakon whose waters are our own Fountain of Youth.”

“Although there are many icy rivers and lakes, our ice swimming club only swims in Lake Oymyakon.”

“We’re not sure how or why it works, but those of us who picked up ice swimming in Lake Oymyakon don’t seem to age.”

“We don’t use other remedies to maintain our youthfulness as submerging ourselves in the ‘miracle waters’ is more than enough for us to see the benefits to our bodies and looks!”

– Alina Volkova

To verify Alina’s claims, Dr. Cynthia conducted a research trial with 10 participants. Specifically choosing those who had never been ice swimming in the lake before, she asked them to submerge themselves in the freezing waters daily.

But after 3 months, none of them proved that the cold waters helped stop aging!

The Key To Long Life

Dr. Cynthia was stumped at the results and decided to run further tests. She discovered that the water samples contained some traces of alginic acid.

“I remembered that there were species of marine algae in the water while observing the ice swimmers.”

“Maybe that’s the real key to the villagers’ timeless youth.”

– Dr. Cynthia Jarvis

Her interest renewed, she collected some of the algae found in the freezing waters. After a thorough investigation, Dr. Cynthia hit the jackpot!

She found out that they were a unique species known as ice algae, which is extremely rare as it only grows in temperatures below -30°F (-35°C).

“Because of its surrounding subzero environment that is not conducive to growth, ice algae has to retain much of its nutrients to survive.”

“And these nutrients are rich in antioxidants and cell regeneration properties, which cannot be found or replicated with other types of algae!”

– Dr. Cynthia Jarvis

Cloure™ – Freezing Looks In Time

Convinced of the benefits of ice algae for turning back the clock but knowing that not everyone can travel to such remote places and tolerate swimming in freezing waters for years like the ice swimmers, Dr. Cynthia took it upon herself to replicate its effects in a more accessible form.

With that, Cloure™ was created.

“Cloure™ is made of pure ice algae extract and hyaluronic acid without any filler ingredients.”

“This combination protects and moisturizes your skin even through the harshest weathers while also reaping the fullest anti-aging properties of the ice algae.”

“This wonder serum nourishes and hydrates skin from the cellular level all the way to the epidermis and locks in moisture in the deepest layers to prevent water loss.”

“Cloure™ also improves the production of collagen by up to 4 times, which is an essential protein to prevent the formation of wrinkles while firming the skin.”

“And thanks to its ice algae’s cell regenerating properties, Cloure™ is able to accelerate the reboot of dormant cells.”

“Ensuring the replacement of dead skin with fresh and new cells, keeping the face rejuvenated and glowing for a smooth, uplifted, and youthful look without any downtime!”

– Dr. Cynthia Jarvis, Creator of Cloure™

Before launching to the public, Dr. Cynthia tested Cloure™ on her research trial participants.

After only 3 weeks, 99.7% reported significant reductions in fine lines and improvements in hydration and skin elasticity, with a 75% increase in cell water content compared to before using Cloure™!

Results That Speak For Themselves

Dr. Cynthia also wanted Alina to test out the serum, and after trying Cloure™, this is what the ice swimming champion had to say:

“We’ve always thought that our youthful looks came from ice swimming in Lake Oymyakon, but after just 10 days of using Cloure™, I see even more benefits compared to ice swimming for 30 years.”

“My skin is firmer and smoother than ever before in such a short time!”

– Alina Volkova

With a flurry of 5 star reviews and rave feedback by customers, Cloure™ was a breakthrough success at launch, selling more than 675,000 bottles in its first two weeks!

Crowned the ‘Top Serum of the Last Decade’ and ‘Must-Have Skincare Product’ by beauty magazines, Cloure™ is rising as a pioneer in the skincare world for its scientifically precise, natural ingredient formulation. It even earned a Seal of Recognition from the highest level of approval for beauty and skincare products.

It’s not too late to catch up as Cloure™ takes the skincare world by storm! Protect and nourish your skin while keeping it younger for longer today.

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