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Improve Your Sleep Cycle Naturally

Did you know that a lack of sleep interferes with everything – from health, weight loss to your mood and even your creativity? Even if you are getting enough hours of sleep, there are still chances that your mind is not fully rested. Thus, this affects your productivity, work performance and motivation.

Why let sleep take control over our lives? It's time for a change of pace, let Somnerie™ help you get into a deep slumber and improve the mind while sleeping!

Somnerie™: Making Your Mornings Ever Better

Somnerie™ is a 100% natural solution and sedative that effectively treats insomnia. Made from pure Italian Chamomile, it provides the benefits of reducing running thoughts, anxiety and getting deep sleep that also helps with intelligence. Read below to understand the important role of Somnerie™ in each stage of sleep.

The 4 Stages Of Sleep

Sleep occurs in 4 stages: NREM stage 1, NREM stage 2, NREM stage 3 and REM. The first stage is where you start falling asleep, which takes about 7 minutes. After falling asleep, you will then enter NREM stage 2 where your body starts to relax in this light sleep. Because these 2 stages fall under light sleep, it is easy for things to wake you up. This is where Somnerie™ comes into place to help everyone to quickly fall asleep and remain asleep to pass these 2 stages so that we can enter NREM stage 3, where our ‘deep sleep’ occurs.

NREM stage 3 is an important stage for our body to heal themselves and our mind to rest. As Somnerie™ continues to keep us in this deep sleep, we will soon drift off to the next stage, the REM stage. This stage is the final stage where our learning and memory can be enhanced as the contents of apigenin from Somnerie™ can actively grow new neurons in our brain. Making connections among other brain cells, this enables us to improve our problem-solving skills, decision-making and creativity.

Amazing Benefits of Somnerie™

  • Promotes deep sleep and improves sleep quality

  • Reduces time to fall asleep

  • Decreases number of frequent wakeups at night

  • Heals and regenerates brain cells

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

  • Boosts focus and cognitive abilities
Mode Of Use
Add 2 to 3 drops to a diffuser or your pillow to naturally scent a room or space. Wind down from an exhausting day.
Simply take a sniff directly from an open bottle or rub a drop of oil between your palms and breathe in the aroma. Repeat as needed until ready to fall asleep.
Mix 2 to 3 drops with a base oil right on the skin and massage gently. Recommended places to apply oils are your temples, pulse points, chest, and the bottoms of the feet.

*For best results, complete 1 full treatment consisting of 3 bottles.

Restful Testimonials
I nearly gave up on my education when my lack of concentration threatened to take hold. It’s all thanks to my ADHD. But Somnerie™ came and not only helped me to sleep peacefully through the night, but also leaving me feeling refreshed and calm in the morning as well as improving my ability to concentrate during lessons! Could you believe that I started acing ALL my exams? It has made all the difference!

Tom Dean, OK

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As an aging 80-year-old retired teacher, I'm frustrated with how my mind is slowly deteriorating over time. It might have something to do with the lack of sleep I've been having lately. And thankfully, all I know is that Somnerie™ definitely helped me relax and get into a deep slumber. I hardly forget anything now. No more brain fog, no more feeling tired during the day, it feels like I’m in my youth again!

Lucy Wagner, MO

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My son is 14 this year and lately, he hasn’t been able to sleep at all. I got worried, so I checked with a doctor. She told me it was a normal thing that would happen to our teens because they’re in the growth phase that interrupts their sleep cycle. I didn’t want him to rely on medicine and knowing that this lack of sleep will definitely affect his grades, I decided to try this. And it really works! Now, my boy has been falling asleep easily, getting enough sleep and his grades has even improved! Besides that, I even felt my sleep quality improved!

Victoria Burns, CT

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