Sleepless Kid - Musetta Present
Sleepless For 13 Years, They Found That This Kid Doesn’t Breathe At Night

It was the 4th time of the week when Bryan had ended up in the hospital again, relying on a ventilator so he could sleep without going to the other side.

Born with this incurable disorder, Bryan’s brain just forgets to breathe during sleep no matter what. Even when he turned 13, he was still breathless and afraid to fall asleep.

Identity Stolen

Going through multiple experiences of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in an ambulance, these were Bryan’s struggles from the eyes of a distressed mother.

“We decided to make our home the hospital. There’s a ventilator and a heartbeat monitor in Bryan’s room, all to make sure our boy can safely make it through every night.”

“We even invested in back up power sources, because there was once a blackout that made Bryan accidentally fell asleep,”

“Causing his brain to be completely deprived of oxygen, he woke up with a damaged cerebral cortex and hippocampus.”

“The doctor said these were the most important parts of the brain, responsible for his memory, reasoning, thoughts, decision-making and intelligence.”

“Though we were so thankful to God for giving him another chance to live, we felt so awful to know that sleep has taken away the smart side of him.”

“Since then, we would set an alarm every hour to check on Bryan, because we didn’t want to be the parents who could sleep for a few hours when our poor boy can’t even shut his eyes for 3 seconds.”

“That’s how much we love Bryan. We wanted him to know that we’re in this together.”

– Jody, Bryan’s mum

When Bryan had already turned into a slow learner due to the aftermaths of his rare sleep disorder, he had an extra concern to be worried about besides being unable to learn anything in class. And that was falling asleep in school.

So, Bryan had eyes everywhere he goes. It was necessary for his parents to make sure he doesn’t accidentally fall asleep again, because even a tiny nap could pose another great life risk to him.

10-Second Talent

After looking for other solutions from all around the world, Bryan’s parents finally found Alicia. She was the world’s youngest certified hypnotherapist who has amazing credentials and skills at only age 19.

To help Bryan, Alicia conducted a hypnotherapy session with him. During the process, Bryan’s parents noticed Alicia diffusing a fragrance oil, known as Somnerie™.

They were confused as they continued to observe, because the entire session did not involve any word and Bryan was just there resting with his eyes closed without forgetting to breathe!

“After so many years, this is the first time we could finally see him sleeping so well!”

“His little snores were even so cute to our ears!”

“It just felt so relieving to know that everything is going to be fine.”

“But how did my boy who’d pinch himself to avoid seeing monsters in his sleep suddenly fall asleep so easily next to a stranger?”

– Jody, Bryan’s mum

Similarly Different

The answer lies 2 years ago, as there was a child who was just like Bryan. Every day, she forgets something that’s as important as breathing, which was swallowing.

“And that poor kid was me.”

“Because my brain doesn’t remember how to swallow, I used to look as skinny as a needle.”

“No matter how hard I tried to swallow, my body would get confused thinking food was air,”

“Causing me to choke or bring the food back up through my nose.”

“The doctors didn’t know what to do with me. So, I started helping myself.”

“I knew that my last resort was to reprogram my subconscious mind, and that’s how I got myself in Velia, Italy,”

“Learning an ancient culture that dates back to at least 500BC.”

– Alicia, hypnotherapist

The Hidden Depths Of The Mind

In that era, there was a group of healers who were in charge of a healing practice in caves. They were called Pholarchos. Whenever the sick was brought to them, the Pholarchos would apply a chamomile poultice onto their injured body part.

After the sick rested for hours in the cave with its scent, all of them came out not only healed but their minds had also attained new perceptions of the world. This is because the scent can subconsciously help them to solve all problems related to the mind, body and brain.

“Our subconscious mind controls 95% of our brain activity.”

“It handles everything our body needs to function properly from eating, breathing, digesting to making memories.”

“It is your ability to do something without really thinking.”

“Just like how we are on ‘autopilot’ when we walk or drive.”

“But how often have you forgotten what you were supposed to do once you step into the kitchen, your room or a grocery store?”

“If we keep relying on our autopilot thinking, it may put us at risk of an accident, just because we weren’t aware.”

“Fortunately, there is a way to increase more than 5% use of our conscious mind, and that was how Somnerie™ was created.”

– Alicia, hypnotherapist

Towards A Brighter Future

As Alicia continued the practice at home, she discovered a way to simplify the process by using the steam distillation method.

Diffusing the scent of the purest oil from Italian chamomiles twice a day, it helped Alicia to regain her ability of swallowing without using any effort.

This did not only turn her into one of the world’s smartest teens, but even Bryan himself, as he has started showing exemplary results in his exams! His answers even led people to think that a university student had answered instead.

“I was finally able to learn anything I want with a full-focused mind.”

“It kept me in my zone almost all of the time.”

“And the next thing I knew, I graduated with 4 bachelor’s degrees before I turned 15!”

“It still feels so surreal that I could be sleeping next to my parents on a plane as we head over to my graduation ceremony.”

“Today, I can enjoy our vacation at a beach without worrying about taking a nap.”

– Bryan

“We’re just so touched and happy to see how far he’s come.”

“Not only overcoming his challenge in just a short time, but also inspiring many young ones that really nothing is impossible.”

“We’re even surprised that he knew we were still not sleeping well out of habit.”

“And after he got us 3 bottles of Somnerie™, we’ve been sleeping like a baby till the sun comes up!”

– Jody, Bryan’s mum


Somnerie™ is actually a perfect all-natural solution for people who has insomnia. This is due to the fact that it contains a powerful chemical called apigenin.

“This compound helps us to fall asleep easily within 5 minutes, allowing us to quickly enter into our deep sleep, where our body can heal themselves and our mind can rest.”

“Subsequently, it leads us to the REM sleep that enhances our learning and memory, as apigenin actively grow new neurons in our brain,”

“Making connections among other brain cells to improve our problem-solving skills, decision-making and creativity.”

“And this is how Bryan and I were able to regain control of our minds, to think like a genius after multiple high-quality sleeps”

– Alicia, hypnotherapist

A returning customer of Somnerie™, Kelly, has something to share.

“It was so annoying to be struggling to sleep throughout the night and to feel tiredness the next day.”

“It even made me forget things very easily.”

“But ever since Somnerie™ came and gave me well-rested sleep every night, I’ve never felt so fresh waking up.”

“It even helped me to finish my to-do list before noon!”

- Kelly

A good, long night sleep solves everything. Just like how Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity from his dream, here is a question to you:

Are you willing to let Somnerie™ take you to your dreams?