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Keep Your Body Warm And In Shape With Just 1 Base Layer

The winter season is arguably one of the best seasons, if not for the biting cold. While multi-layered coats and jackets are made to protect you from the icy cold weather, they don’t necessarily give you enough warmth unless you have the right thermal wear underneath. Dressing for the cold weather can be a challenge but with the proper winter attire, you can stay warm all season long.

During the cold weather months, a good rule of thumb is to wear at least three layers. However, most people forget the most important of the 3 which is the base layer. Keep yourself warm with Cozian™ and never let the cold put a damper in your winter again.

The Science Behind Cozian™

Cozian™ is an ultra-thin innerwear which is integrated with Advanced Material Science (AMS), a technology adopted from aerospace to create spacesuits to withstand sub-zero temperatures due to its superior heat retention properties. The first of its kind in a pair of thermals, they’re dubbed as “smart” clothing. They regulate your body temperature by controlling the thermal properties to adapt to your body and its surroundings and shuttling just the right amount of heat to and from the body. This ensures that your body is always at the perfect temperature.

Cozian™ is also engineered with intelli-stretch technology, a highly durable and lightweight two-ply fabric consisting of elastic fibers that stretches without losing its elasticity and provides micro-massage effect through compression. This helps promote blood flow and boosts metabolism so you don’t only stay warm, you also keep your body free of extra pounds.

  • Heat Retention
    They boast superior heat retention properties which traps 10 times more hot air compared to wool allowing you to stay warm even in temperatures well below zero.
  • Regulates Body Temperature
    They control the thermal properties to adapt to your body and its surroundings by shuttling just the right amount of heat to and from the body to ensure that your body is always at the perfect temperature.
  • Seamless Design
    Unlike regular inner wears, they’re created using the double seamless technology on a super thin fabric so you can wear it under your clothes without the extra bulk.
  • Body Taming
    The snug fit allows the material to comfortably sit in the contours of your body as well as hide bulges and love handles, revealing a flattering hourglass figure.
  • Boosts Metabolism
    Through gentle pressure, this thermal wear provides a micro-massage to targeted areas of your body boosting your metabolism so that you don’t fall victim to winter weight gain.
  • Ultra-Thin Material
    Engineered with only the finest materials, this line of thermal wear takes pride in being the thinnest in the market so you can now layer on without the bulk.

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Users Who Have Experienced  Real Results

This arrived just in time for my trip to Switzerland and I must say, they held up pretty nicely. The temperature was -18°F and I was freezing whenever I didn’t have this on. Once I wore it, I instantly felt a lot warmer. The best part is, it helps me shed the pounds. Like many others, I’m a victim of winter weight gain but this product changed everything. By the end of the season, I didn’t gain a pound! In fact, I even lost a few. Now I know what thermal wear I’ll be wearing every winter.

Alexandra T. Brodie, ND

✔ Verified Purchase

Amazing! I’ve been wearing them for a week now and I’m convinced they’re the best base layer I’ve ever owned. The material is really thin but rest assured, they’ll keep you warm all day. I went out when the temperature was well below zero and didn’t even feel any chills. The fabric is also really smooth so it’s easy to slide pants on top because they have a lot of stretch. I’m plus size and these stretched to fit all my curves nicely. Besides that, their claim about losing weight holds true. I always weigh more by the end of winter but this time around, I find myself losing a few pounds instead. I’m impressed! Highly recommended!

Kelly G. Murray, ME

✔ Verified Purchase

I don’t usually write reviews but today, I feel compelled to. I personally find it a struggle to find the perfect pair of thermal wear. They’re either made too thick which makes it hard to layer on or they don’t give me enough warmth. All that changed as soon as I tried Cozian™. I can’t believe how incredibly thin and lightweight they are. It’s even warmer than all my other thermal wears at a fraction of the thickness. Try these out if you’re in search for the best thermal wear. You won’t be disappointed!

Darius C. Mashburn, VT

✔ Verified Purchase


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